Web page Classification Track
RIRES: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar

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Web page Classification Track


The purpose of this track is to evaluate methods of Web page topic classification.

For this track the standard procedure is used.

Test Collection

The source dataset consists of BY.web and DMOZ collections. The latter is used as a training set.

The training set consists of web sites, but still different classes can be assigned to pages from the same site.

Task Description for Participating Systems

Just as for the web site classification track each participant is granted access to the training set, DMOZ and BY.web collection. The task is to assign a topic from the training set to each web page. The difference to the web site classification track is that web sites are used only for training.

Expected result is an ordered list of web pages for each category.

Evaluation Methodology

  • instructions for assessors: evaluate web page relevance to categories basing on the extended category descriptions
  • relevance scale:
    • yes / probably yes / perhaps yes / no / impossible to evaluate
    • yes / no / impossible to evaluate
  • official metrics:
    • precision
    • recall

Data Formats