ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar
RIRES: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar

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ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar

The goals of the seminar are to provide a basis for independent evaluation of information retrieval methods, aimed to be used for Russian language text retrieval, and to increase communication and exchange of ideas among Russian researchers and developers working in the area of information retrieval.


20 Oct 2006
Yesterday at the ROMIP workshop in Suzdal twelve of the fourteen planned presentations were given by the ROMIP'06 participants in which they told about their results and experiences made during the seminar this year. This time more than 50 people attended the workshop.

After the official part of the workshop and its host conference RCDL we led an informal round-table discussion about the ways of advancing the seminar. During this two hours discussion we talked about obtaining and using new data collections for text retrieval evaluation, defining new tracks, lowering the entrance barrier for new potential participants, improving the website, and a number of other important topics.

17 Oct 2006
Added the Proceedings of ROMIP'06 (in Russian).
10 Oct 2006
The ROMIP workshop will take place on the October 19th in Suzdal. Anyone interested is welcome!

The host conference of the seminar is RCDL'2006 so any RCDL participant can also attend ROMIP for free. By the way, there are also some very interesting presentations about information retrieval in the RCDL program.

You can find all the necessary information about getting to the seminar location and booking a hotel in Suzdal on the RCDL website.

If you plan to attend the workshop, please, register on the RCDL website (even if you don't need a hotel) -- it will help us to estimate the number of participants beforehand.

See you in Suzdal!

9 Oct 2006
Added the program of the ROMIP workshop (in Russian) which will take place on the October 19th in Suzdal.
13 Sept 2006
The paper submission deadline is prolonged to the September 28th (here is the paper format).

The evaluation results for the text retrieval and classification tracks are mailed to the participants.

29 June 2006
The results submission deadlines for the simple QA and news clustering tracks are moved to the July 13th and July 6th respectively.
5 May 2006
The present list of ROMIP'06 participants, which is actually the list of the applications we received, is published.
20 March 2006
Official start of ROMIP'06. The call for papers is published (in Russian). Applications are accepted until the 3rd of April.